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What It Takes To Join Team Dan Lok
Mandatory Culture
No matter what position you are applying for, I’m looking for people who have good culture for example:

You are very familiar with the Dan Lok brand and my content - whether that’s on YouTube, my podcasts or from anywhere else.

If you are not, you can stop reading here.

For the next few months, I’d advise you to watch several dozen of my 1,000+ videos on YouTube. When you’re done, come back to apply if you’re still interested…

You have to be willing AND able to work more than 40 hours a week - most weeks of the year.

When you first start, you may start with 5-10 hours a week. But keep in mind, we’re looking for people to join our team full-time. And if you join our team full-time, you will need to put in more than 40 hours a week. It takes more than just a 40 hour week to change the world.

If you want a comfortable 40-hour week, then this is not for you…

You must be coachable.

If you are not, you will not last on my team…
  • You must be someone who proactively looks for solutions to problems - even when you’re not assigned to fix certain problems...
  • You must be able to work under very tight deadlines with high-attention to detail and high-level of skill (even if you don’t have any skills yet)...  
  •  You must be obsessed with learning, gaining new skills, and mastering them...  
  •  You must be performance-driven and you get motivated by impacting more people’s lives and making a difference in the world...  
  •  You must be a team-player, not a lone wolf... 
  •  You must speak English as your native language or have native level fluency...  
  •  You must have good communications skills... 
  •  You must have a constant and reliable computer and internet access...  
  •  You must be looking for a long-term position and NOT a short-term gig you get on while you’re in between jobs...  
  •  You must have good time-management and self-management skills as you will be working mostly from home... 
If you have these basic qualities, you may be a good fit for one of the opportunities below. If you do not, please do not apply. I encourage you to to work on these requirements and come back to apply later on.

Note: For all the positions we’re hiring for, we prioritize candidates from Vancouver, Canada and candidates who are willing to relocate to Vancouver, Canada.

We currently have no position opening. Please check back in future for any position openings or follow the steps below for general application.

Business Development Team
1. Assistant Director of Global Closing Team
To assist the Director of Global Closing team to lead the global closing organization to deliver significant revenue for our clients, the closers and Dan Lok companies. 

The role specifically has responsibility for ensuring that effective and high performing closing teams are set up for each client we sign for closing services, that Leaders are coached and given the tools to effectively manage high performing teams and to ensure that all accounts are optimized to maximise earnings for all stakeholders.

This role operates as the right hand to the Director of Global Closing Team.
Traffic Team
1. Facebook Ideation Expert
You will be in charge of running Facebook ads, reporting traffic analysis and more. 

To be a good fit for this position, you must have interest in running Facebook Ads. You must have at least a basic understanding of a Facebook funnel. You must be good at tracking, analyzing and getting ROI. Bonus if you have a basic level of direct-response copywriting and marketing.
Funnel Team
1. Sales Funnel Architect
You will be charge of building and designing funnels using ClickFunnels.

To be a good fit for this position, you should have a STRONG eye for design. You must have a basic understanding of technology (though you will have a tech support person to help you most of the time). Bonus if you have a foundation in direct-response marketing. Bonus if you understand different funnel strategies.
2. Systems & Technology Orchestrator
You will be in charge of technical support with mostly our sales funnels, marketing tools and different websites. For example, your responsibilities may include domain setup, cross-platform integration (ie: using zapier to connect Active Campaign with say Wicked Reports), putting together automations with Active Campaign, etc.

To be a good fit for this position, you must be good at solving technical problems at a root level. You must be able to create long-term technical solutions which are scalable with what we do. You must be able to look into the future inside your mind to spot possible technical errors. Then you must create preemptive strategies to prevent them from those future errors from happening. You must be very detailed when it comes to testing different scenarios with our tech.
3. Assistant Graphics Designer
You will be in charge of working with our head graphics designer on all things graphics related. For example, your responsibilities may include creating YouTube thumbnails, Facebook banners, Facebook creatives, logos, etc. 

To be a good fit for this position, you must have an intuitive understanding of what types of images / design gets attention online and gets people to click. You must be good at able to create your own vision for your design just by looking at the title of a product, project, or whatever asset you’re creating a design for. You must be good at working with a lead-graphics designer. You must be very consistent at creating high-quality designs.
Copywriting Team
1. Mad Men / Mad Women Copywriter
You will be in charge of writing everything from Facebook ads, sales email campaigns, sales funnels, blog articles and more. 

To be a good fit for this position, you must be able to adapt to different writing voices. You must be able to write to different audiences. You must have an obsession for human-psychology and marketing. You must have a sensitivity to human-emotions, social dynamics and the power of words. Bonus if you have some basic experience with direct-response copywriting.
Marketing Team
1. Social Media Expert
We are looking for an enthusiastic Social Media Expert to join our marketing team and take responsibility for planning/executing marketing activities with the goal of developing and maintaining the brand, driving traffic, and increasing revenue.

You will be in charge of consistently producing and maintaining ads, posts, etc. across multiple social media platforms, providing feedback on ad performance, and finding ways to constantly improve engagements and create profit for the company.

To be a good fit for this position, you must have proven experience managing corporate social media accounts, building a social media following, working with influencers to execute mutually beneficial campaigns, and have the ability to work on multiple projects in a deadline driven environment.

You must also have a passion for digital media, have the ability to research, understand, and empathize with a target audience, and craft content appealing to them, communicate effectively with others both written and verbally, and the flexibility to change with the department as it grows.
Event and E-commerce Team
1. E-commerce Coordinator
You will be in charge of adding new merchandise to the Shopify site, monitoring inventory levels, coordinating with our fulfillment center on new orders, sizing and order quantity, doing quality control of the fulfillment center, monitoring store operations to ensure that the Team Dan Lok Community and Support team can navigate and use the site easily, regularly maintaining the site to maximize efficiency, performance and optimize data tracking, and coming up with new merchandise ideas based on research.

You will also be in charge of working with our support team on any customer-related issues, liaison between buyers and our print-on-demand service providers, ensure that the online buying journey is flawless on the Shopify site, work with our design team to come up with new design ideas, monitoring sales and generating reports on store performance, do regular research on what's trending or popular, and work with our marketing team to push certain items or campaigns. 

To be a good fit for this position, you will need a good level of business acumen and mature communication skills in order to coordinate effectively with vendors and suppliers. You must be detail-oriented with numbers and have the ability to create spreadsheets for budgeting, calculations, etc. You will need to understand the needs and nuances of our support team, excel and work independently with minimal instruction, enjoy backend work, and can bring ideas to the table. You are tech-savvy and hungry for continuous learning. And you are strong with succinct communication and cognizant of when communication is required.
Support Team
1. Customer Service Team Member
You will be working with a global white glove customer service team, providing support to students from all over the world. You will be responsible for handling customer service tickets, data processing and project management. Savvy tech skills are a must for this position.
To be a good fit for this position, you must be a team player and a fact-based communicator that likes to get to the point. A person who can follow a system but flexible and can work under deadlines. Lastly you must enjoy organizing and independent problem solving.
Experience with finance and previous customer support are preferred.
If you have these basic skills and qualities, you may be a good fit for one of the opportunities below. If you do not, please do not apply. I encourage you to to work on these requirements and come back to apply later on.

Note: For all the positions we’re hiring for, we prioritize candidates from Vancouver, Canada and candidates who are willing to relocate to Vancouver, Canada.
How To Apply For A Position
If you meet these basic requirements, then send an email to

Three things you must submit to be considered.

1) Make a video and sell my team why you would be a good fit

2) Give us an execution plan on how you can take things to next level. (Detailed and specific plan)

3) Provide a copy of your most recent resume.

My team is very busy.

So if you’re going to email my team, you’ve only got ONE shot at it. Make sure you make it count.
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